With soft and medium-hard materials (light alloys, plastics, compressed wood, etc.) threads suffer damage due to repeated stresses. If the screw is tightened too quickly or too frequently, the threads break off and the part becomes unusable.

The suggested solutions, such as over-moulded threaded inserts (requiring complicated moulds and often incorrectly positioned), or insert threads (where pre-tapping is required), are expensive.

The solution: the self-tapping insert (made by INTERVIS®)

This combination behaves like a tapping screw and the self-tapping insert can be screwed directly into a previously drilled smooth hole. It creates its own thread inside the part.


photo intervis 1

The SCT self-tapping inserts (made by INTERVIS ®) are recommended for assembly using aluminium because their surface treatment eliminates any galvanic corrosion between the two materials. Drill groups can provide a standard indication. Carry out a positioning test by drilling 1 / 10th above or below the indicated diameter to take into account the particular characteristics of certain materials.

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