Our policy :

The success of LGC is based on a shared vision, on our values, and on our production principles…

Based on an management system linked to “Quality / Safety / Environment”, we are constantly improving our processes to meet the specific requirements of our customers and respect our legal obligations.

Our ambition is to increase the company’s net worth for both its shareholders and employees by boosting its industrial performance and profitability. We are targeting the company’s values at a more medium-term vision while preserving the important immediate financial dimension. The stability and sustainability that results will ensure customer satisfaction.

Relationships with our partners in general, and primarily with our customers and suppliers, are based on respect, immediacy and innovation, so as to always keep our promises and satisfy them.

Our involvement in environmental programmes is proof of our daily commitment to running a sustainable business which values respect and exemplarity.

Preparation for the future with training, the creation of new products, relationships with our partners, our environmental and safety policy and the transfer of responsibility (while taking into account the changing workforce) must prioritise the development of individual talents and provide everyone with a clear career perspective.

Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is based on our ability to regularly examine our principle that products should be “good first time by avoiding redundancy”.

Our organization, focussing on a high level of quality, needs to constantly improve its processes by knowing how inspiration can help us innovate and progress. At each stage of the process, particular attention is paid to our unique characteristics.

Jean-noël Courtois                                   Philippe Gardette

           Site director                        President and Chief Executive